Employee retention

We implement programs to ensure that your employees are fully engaged and retained in your company, through clear communication, direction and goals and recognition for their efforts.


Leadership & Communication

Encouraging employees to deliver on the brand promise and keep them motivated to be productive and stay at a company doesn’t just happen. It requires strategic planning, ongoing internal communication and collaboration. Starting from the top with the CEO and the management team, leadership behaviours must be aligned to the employer brand and company values. Visibility, transparency and regular communication is key to the ongoing success of a company and to the retention of employees. 

We work with you to implement processes to ensure that your leaders are leading, communicating effectively and providing strong direction to inspire and motivate employees.



Reward & Recognition

Employees should be rewarded and recognised for hard work and will move on very quickly if they feel they aren’t receiving what they deserve. We develop and implement FairWork compliant remuneration frameworks and innovative incentive programs aligned to your key company objectives - all aimed at increasing staff performance and promoting retention. To ensure you're in line with market trends, we can benchmark your salary packages against market-related salary data.

We work with you to design and implement exciting financial incentive schemes or as part of our Event Management programs, can put together unique international or domestic incentive trips or team-building trips to reward your high-performing employees.



Performance & Goal Alignment

Engaged employees understand their roles and how they fit into the ‘big picture.’ This means that individual and team goals need to link directly to the company’s goals. A culture of continuous development must be created to retain high performers rather than leaving managing performance as an after thought. 

We develop customised performance management programs. These make it easy for managers and employees to agree on clear KPIs; give managers the skills and confidence to review and assess an employee’s performance and commitment to company values on an ongoing basis; and create an environment where all employees are comfortable with giving and receiving feedback on performance.



Career Development

When seeking to attract exceptional applicants, hire top talent and retain engaged employees, career development opportunities must be a vital part of what is on offer. It’s not only about the money. By providing opportunities for employees to increase their knowledge, skills and expertise you are demonstrating your commitment to them. Empowered and engaged employees are less likely to leave. At the same time you are improving the overall knowledge base and performance of your business.

We implement career development initiatives aligned to your culture and budget. This can range from coaching and mentoring programs, on-the-job training and job rotation to formal programs, professional conferences and networking events.


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