Employee Attraction

We develop unique employee attraction strategies, aligned to your target audience and aimed at attracting the best talent; differentiating you from your competitors while enhancing your reputation as an employer.


Employer Branding

When developing your employer brand it’s essential that you understand your target audience. Different campaigns apply for example, when targeting graduates vs. experienced employees and across different job functions and locations, but all need to be united with one vision, set of values and consistent communication strategy. 

You also need to know what the ideal employee is looking for in a role and define how the brand translates for the employee. What will attract a potential employee to your brand? For some it may be a family friendly environment and flexible hours, while for others it may be access to the latest technology.

We ensure that all aspects of your employer brand, including the visual aspects, are communicating the culture and personality of your company, differentiating you from competitors and and enhancing your reputation as an employer.



Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a measure of what employees get out of working for a company and what the company expects in return. It defines what your company stands for and the main reasons that people are proud and motivated to work and stay there. A strong EVP will help to retain top performers and attract the best talent. Much like a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), your EVP must be unique, relevant and compelling.

We work with you to develop and implement your EVP aligned to your workplace culture throughout the employee lifecycle and ensure that it an entrenched part of your employer brand.




Employers with a strong employer brand find it easier to attract and retain talent. We work with you to tailor your recruitment campaigns aligned to your brand, to attract the best candidates. Where relevant we look at combining innovative approaches through the use of social channels, employee-generated content and online with traditional recruiting resources and tools.

We offer services to complete the full recruitment process for you which includes preparing job descriptions, screening and short-listing of resumes, interviewing and reference checking through to preparation of employment contracts.



Onboarding & Induction

On-boarding should kick-in from the moment the person is offered the job. The first impression your company makes on an employee makes the difference as to how quickly they will settle in and become a productive member of the team. Dovetail will work with you to develop tailored on-boarding and induction processes and programs which ensure successful employee engagement from the start. This includes use of online technology and/or development and design of welcome packs, (online and print); checklists for first week and setting of clear objectives for the first 3 months; mentoring programs and involvement of other team members.


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