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Your HR & Marketing. Aligned.

Dovetail Brand Engagement offers companies a powerful, new approach for aligning brand and employee engagement, which inspires employees, ensures a seamless customer experience and leads to more effective bottom-line results.

We do this by breaking down the traditional silos of Human Resources and Marketing and dovetail a combined partnership to create a single vision, that develops an employer brand in parallel with a customer brand, starting from the inside out.


Aligning your two most powerful assets, your 'People' and your 'Brand' and how your company engages with its employees with the way it engages with its customers, is crucial to ensure the successful delivery of your Brand strategy and long-term success.


Your Brand Positioning. Defined.

When your customers believe, they buy and when employees believe,
they remain engaged.

We work with you to understand your business, your unique value proposition, products and your customers and employees.

We identify your audience’s needs and tailor a language that characterises your brand and develop the values that tell your story.

Based on your brand promise, customers and employees develop expectations.  When they interact with you, they assume their expectations will be met.  If your brand doesn’t meet expectations, they turn away in search of one that they can believe in.

We provide total brand solutions that transcend through every customer contact point from your logo, website, to sales collateral and advertising to consistently communicate your brand values, shape perceptions, meet expectations, and ensure that your brand language speaks to your customers.

At present, engagement programs are either lead by HR or Marketing.

Marketing focuses on the marketplace and develops and manages the brand to create awareness of products and services and build on-going customer loyalty. 

HR focuses on the workplace with employees representing the Company, its products and services and influencing the loyalty of customers.

We work with you to align these functions and transform how your business is perceived internally and externally, to employees, business partners and most importantly to your customers.


Your Employee Engagement. Empowered.


The consumer brand of any business is crucial to its long-term success. Just as important is the employer brand, which is vital to attract talent and to motivate and retain an engaged workforce.

Engaged employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company.  They foster innovative ideas, attract new customers and generate the most energy.  They always look for new and better ways to achieve outcomes.

We work with you to develop an engaged workforce.  Organisational values, key HR responsibilities such as recruitment, talent management and performance are aligned with the overall corporate brand. Imagine how increasing the number of great managers and engaged employees in your company would impact your business.

Your Conference & Events. Engaged.


We work with you to engage your customers through a range of enticing incentives, conferences and events. Whether you want to announce company changes, thank customers or employees for a great year, or motivate future performance, there will be an event that’s perfect for the job and perfect for your target market.

From once in a lifetime experiences to brand-enhancing domestic and international conferences, national road shows or glittering award ceremonies, we have the contacts, skills and experience to make your event engaging, rewarding and memorable.

We project manage it all for you, starting with consultation, through all stages of contract negotiation, delivery, design, communication, implementation and final wrap-up.  All aligned to your brand and budget, ensuring a return on investment.