Working in collaboration for over 5 years as Human Resources and Events Manager and as Marketing, Branding and Design Consultant for a medium-sized national Australian company, the Directors of Dovetail Brand Engagement experienced firsthand the power and energy that the interaction and alignment between HR and Marketing can bring to a company.
They recognised how the “dovetailing” of Human Resources and Marketing led to finding innovative and engaging ways to manage the internal and external brand, engage customers and employees, improve customer service levels, and produce major conferences and events.


It became evident that this powerful connection was strategically and commercially good for employees in the workplace and good for customers in the marketplace. It created a holistic brand experience for all stakeholders. The complementary skills of the Directors, combined with over 25 years experience in their respective fields and consulting businesses, proved to be a winning combination.

This experience, coupled with further research into high-performing companies of all sizes, who attribute their success to the breaking down of traditional HR and Marketing department silos, has given the Directors the impetus to expand their consulting services to form Dovetail Brand Engagement.

Dovetail, takes pride in offering their expertise, combined with those of their HR and Marketing consulting companies (HRplus and Design Strategy) to transform other companies and enable them to benefit from the power of this alignment.