Brand Identity

We create a unique identity to differentiate your brand in the marketplace, which appeals to both your customers and your employees.


Corporate Identity

The cornerstone of any brand identity is its corporate logo or signature trademark. It's the embodiment of everything the brand stands for. Crafted and distilled to align the brand's attributes, benefits, values and personality, this single logo can be applied to all corporate collateral and can transcend traditional print and livery, web design, social media, digital media and video.

In time, a successful brand identity will form a deep, long-lasting relationship and connection with its customers and employees, who will then choose it and even defend over another. 



Brand Language

For a brand to grow to within its market and category it needs to differentiate itself successfully from its competitors. Successful brands do this by creating a campaignable brand language that works in harmony with the logo. Whilst the logo remains consistent with minor evolutions over time, the brand language can change and adapt quicker to market forces to promote any product, service or event.

A brand language is made up of the following elements: Name, Logo, Tagline, Colours, Graphics, Shapes, Sounds, Scents, Tastes and Movements. By mixing and matching these elements a brand is able to adjust to any media, give the brand diversity and appeal and reach all the customer brand touchpoints of your business. All marketing activity such as posters, video or corporate promotions should be instantly recognisable by their brand language. The best test for this is to cover the logo and ask yourself, “Do I recognise this brand?” If your answer is "no", then maybe its time to fix your brand language.



Positional Statement and Tagline

As a core component of the brand language, the positional statement or tagline, embodies the single most important message or essence that you want your customers, employees and suppliers to think or feel about your brand. 

A well crafted and distilled tagline can transform all aspects of the primary brand from the customers' marketing perception to internal employee engagement and future team events. In some instances, where the primary business name cannot be changed, getting this aspect right will have a huge effect on the future success of your business, as well as increase the value of your brand equity and your goodwill in the marketplace.



Brand Hierarchies

As a your brand grows, adding sub-brands or new products and services is a great way to increase the value of your overall brand equity and perception. However, each new product stream or service needs to be carefully considered and integrated so all work together and align with each other. Each sub-brand will need its only individual language so that it can be differentiated, but still be part of the overall parent brand offering.

Failure to get this right from the outset will cause deep fragmentation and will undoubtedly incur expensive rebranding costs in the future. Get it right and your sales teams, employees and customers will understand exactly how everything fits together, leading to stronger sales and profitability.


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