Brand Audit

We define your true brand position, target audience and brand values so you can formulate a clear brand strategy to connect with customers and employees.


Brand Positioning

Understanding your Brand Positioning is the most important part of building a successful brand. This enables you to identify where you fit in the market and the how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Irrespective of whether you are the market leader, second, third or forth, every recognised brand needs to take a position that enables them to communicate efficiently and effectively, and reach their target audience. We’re continually bombarded with marketing and sales messages with everyone trying to get your attention. Your Brand Positioning needs to break through the noise and clutter, speak directly to the people you want to attract and be seen and heard clearly.



Defining Your Target Audience

Defining your ‘target market’ is the first stage in a marketing strategy and involves the process of market segmentation.

Identifying and understanding your target audience is critical when determining how your brand will communicate to a customer. Once this is determined, products or services can be directly aligned to their needs and marketing campaigns will connect with the right people. 

Dovetail can assist you with defining precisely who your target audiences are by ‘demographics’ such as gender, ethnicity, income, qualification and marital status; by lifestyle and behavioural information such as hobbies, interests, where they shop or work; or by geographical information such as country, state, suburb. 

We can then ensure that your brand is 'best dressed' to appeal and resonate with customers on a personal level and in turn help you develop long-term relationships with customers and maximise sales.



Brand Values

In today's changing world, it's not enough for a brand to have just a hip logo to succeed. A brand needs to stand for something so that it will create long lasting relationships with customers and employees. Clearly defined brand values create the necessary personality for personal interaction and connection to the brand. 

The right values will help define the foundations for a stronger, more rewarding internal employee culture where employees become ambassadors, are more engaged and help you attract and retain better talent.

When a brand stands for something and means something, the values empower the brand voice. Your marketing messages through online and offline channels are consistent and credible, and your customers are more likely to believe in your product or service. 



Brand Strategies

Today you may have one brand, but tomorrow you need to add another or create a sub brand or a new range of products.

As part of the Brand Audit, Dovetail will review your brand structure and can help you plan your future brand hierarchy. We work with you to determine what will suit your business without fragmenting your brand, whether you thinking of adding new individual brands, sub-brands, line extensions, multi-brands, fighting brands or a challenger brand into a niche market. We can help you create a greater value and brand equity for your business, so that you can reap the benefits of targeting different markets with the right strategy for the right target market.


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