Client: Soulful Stitches

Project: Brand Identity and Web Design 

Sector: Fine Art & Textiles

The Solution

The rebrand solution had to capture the "soulfulness" that is true to every textile print and to the talented artisan that created it.

As "Soulful Stitches" is already a soft free-flowing name which presents like a tagline, the logo signature created reflects this. It is pure, simple and loose, with an elegant needle threading through it to capture the fine workmanship and the sense of the craft. 

To give further credibility and prestige to the logo, the words "Fine Art & Textiles" were added. This immediately makes the target audience more aware that there is more to textiles than fashion and furnishings. 

To prove the soulfulness of the textiles and to organise the different textile categories, a simple campaignable language of "Soulful" words and duo-tone images were developed. The stitch effect on the words differentiates the brand in the market place, ensuring that the brand will always be synonymous with quality, exquisite handcrafted pieces and valuable collectors' items.

The Objective

To rebrand the Perth-based contemporary textile business "Soulful Stitches" to appeal to interior designers, home stylists, designers, architects and collectors. 

To create a beautiful website that educates the target audience; showcases antique and contemporary textiles and availability of educational textile tours around the world; and which can be managed and maintained by the client.