Airline Metrics turning complexity into profit

Client: Airline Metrics
Project: Brand Identity and Web Design
Sector: Airline Data Analytics

The Objective

To position Airline Metrics as the essential one stop solution for managing and understanding complex airline data easily, to a global audience of airlines, travel agency groups, corporate travel companies and airline consolidators.

In a highly complex industry where hitting sales targets and growing yields is critical to growth, the messaging would need to be clear and convey that analysing airline data is not as complex as it seems and leads to increased margins, if you have the right tools.

The Solution

Simplicity is the key or rather making the impossible, simple. In a world of multifaceted data, numbers, flight codes and travel destinations, Dovetail drew on inspiration from the movie “The Matrix,” to create a dynamic digital wallpaper, using real airline data which can be animated and can also be simply manipulated and presented within easy-to-understand service icons.

Making use of the matrix allows for clear visual representation of the concept of extracting relevant, analytics and information from complex data.

The logo was redrawn and refined, depicting opportunities for growth and a modernisation of the original logo. A tagline “Maximising Margins” was added, which immediately clarifies what the outcome of using Airline Metrics’ services are.

The Outcome

The brand language has been developed further to transcend all print and digital environments. The matrix aspects have been animated to bring the service and products offerings to life. In addition, the matrix has been innovatively incorporated into various imagery, for example, a target symbol encouraging travel agents to never miss a sales target and into a radar image, reinforcing clear visibility to airlines.

Custom USP icons, hero images, colours, fonts, styling and the brand voice have all been refreshed and Airline Metrics is ready to build on its success and move forward with its global, game changing technology.

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